What kind of “Treats” do you make at Leah’s Sweet Treats?

At Leah’s Sweet Treats we have over 100 flavors of cupcakes! Each morning we bake 6 different flavors (usually more on Saturdays!) and fill our case with standard sized cupcakes. These are available all day or until we sell out. 

In our refrigerated case we carry mini cupcake dozen packs in a variety of different flavors. We also have our signature “sprinkle cakes” available every day, in our mini and standard size. These are also first come, first serve, and come pre packed with our “party pack”- which means the box is packaged with 4 candles, and a to/from card (perfect for a last minute gift!). Don't need a whole cake!? Don't worry, we also sell our signature slice-o-sprinkle and slice-o-choco in individual packaged slices every day!
We al

         so have a variety of cookies, macarons, breakfast items and other baked goods in our cases every day. We rotate flavors/items daily that vary from classic traditional chocolate chip cookies, to "Unicorn Food macarons", to birthday cake cinnamon rolls! These baked goods range from $1-$4 depending on type and size!

Our favorite case in our shop has to be our decorated vanilla bean sugar cookie case! In this case you will find whimsical/seasonal/over the top cute sugar cookies!! Our cookies always come packaged and sealed for freshness up to one week! From flamingos, to monster trucks, to TCU cheer- we cover it all!

To find a comprehensive and full menu of all our baked goods and prices click HERE.

How much notice do I need to place on order?

Each item we make here has varying lead times:

• Custom Cakes - we prefer at least 3 weeks/ 1 months notice. Holidays/peak season orders *do* require more notice, and at any given time the 3 weeks is not a guarantee. The sooner we know you want to order with us, the better!

• Custom Cupcakes (with fondant toppers) - we prefer one week notice.

• Flavored Cupcakes by the Dozen - we prefer one week notice as well, but can often accommodate in less time. Please note: The later in the week (Thursday and beyond) we are less likely to be able to accommodate your flavor requests because our baking list becomes extreme. At *ANY* time, with 24 hours notice, you may order a “variety” -- your order will be pulled from our current baking list. (One dozen minimum required)

• Sprinkle Cake orders - we only need 48 hours notice!

• Flavor Cookies/Macarons/Breakfast items - we only need 72 hours notice!

• Please note: If your order requires fresh fruit, or seasonal ingredients more time may be required to assure we have all ingredients available in our kitchen!

Do you make vegan, gluten-free, or sugar free treats?

At this time, no, Leah’s Sweet Treats does not have any special dietary needs products. Our macarons are generally considered "gluten free" unless we add something to them... like oreos ;) Please ask which flavors are available and gluten free if you would like to order ahead of time! ...Also, if you are looking for a low-fat, reduced-fat, guilt-free, “healthy” cupcake- you’ve come to the wrong place! Our buttercream is ALL butter... and that will never change!

Is everything on your cakes edible?

Absolutely! We do not put any inedible decorations on our cakes- unless you bring in a specific item or topper you would like on your custom order. Our cakes are always frosted in buttercream with fondant decorations. We do not cover our cakes in fondant unless requested or required for design. If you would like your cake covered in fondant it will be an extra charge. People love our buttercream cakes! It is much easier to cut and serve, not to mention yummier than fondant!! ***Please note that we legally CANNOT replicate any trademarked characters/designs. We can certainly still make a cake with a trademarked “theme”- but you will be responsible for bringing in or putting on any plastic characters that are not handmade by us. We recognize that other bakeries do not always follow this rule, but we are sticklers for it, and typically do not budge. (Begging will not help, but we appreciate the effort!) Please check our facebook and instagram page to see photos of "trademarked themed" cakes that we make! They are still SUPER adorable, and won't send us to jail/make us broke if we get sued by Disney ;) 

Why don’t you make sheet cakes?

You can get just as much cake in a stacked cake and have an awesome design! All of our custom cakes are round or square cakes with 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling, so you will actually end up getting MORE cake this way. Sheet cakes are really very limited when it comes to design, and they always end up looking old-school and grocery-store-esque. We are all about the modern and fun designs!

Do you deliver?

No we do not. We do not have a refrigerated van, or delivery vehicle at this time. ***Please note:: ORDER PICK UP TIMES are Tues-Friday are between 9AM and 2PM. Saturday orders *MUST* be picked up between 8AM & noon. We set our pick up times during the working hours of our cake decorators. If you come later than the set times you risk not having a decorator in house. This means if you want any changes made there will be no one around to help you!! 

Can I have a design and tasting consultation for a custom cake?

Sure! We always have a variety of flavors in our cupcake case every day so feel free to come in and check out our flavors! We post our cupcake "flavors of the day" on our homepage of this website every morning, so you can see what we have before you come in. Our cupcakes are made from the same recipes as our custom cakes, so the texture, flavors, frosting and moistness will be the same as your custom cake! ***Please note you must still purchase our cupcakes, we do not give away free cake or samples daily. Our "Buttercream Babes" at the front counter can also help you with design consultation and any other questions you may have about our ordering process. You can come in, call them, or shoot over an email. We love seeing your invites/design inspirations/colors. It really helps to bring us both to the same “vision”! 

Can you make an exact replica of a cake I have found online?

We can certainly try to come as close to possible as any cake you may want, but like any artist we all have different techniques and cannot guarantee anything to be an exact replica. That being said, you may want a cake that we feel we could “expand” on and create an even better version so it always great when customers are open to elaborations of designs. If another cake artist uses a technique that we don’t find to be up to our standards we will let you know, and suggest a better version. Please note that my staff and I got into this business because we LOVE to be creative. Feel free to trust us and give us creative freedom! As much as we love pinterest, we also love creating our own original cakes and designs. We can come up with something spectacular given direction/invite to match/theme and colors.

What is the best way to transport my custom cake?

The best/safest way to transport your cake is on the front floorboard of your car, or in the very back if you have an SUV. ***Please note ANY cake larger than our 3 tier to feed 50 MUST be transported in an SUV. There is no way we can fit/stuff/twist/have your grandma hold/let you leave with a cake that feeds 100 people in a pinto sized car!!! They should NEVER be put in the trunk, and never, ever on a seat. We will gladly help you put your cake in your cake at time of pick up. You should always come pick up your cake last if you are out running errands and should not be in the car for more than 1 hour.

Do you make wedding cakes?

Yes and no! At this time we are currently not taking any wedding cake orders over 50 servings, or ones that require delivery. I had to stop doing deliveries once I got pregnant, and we converted our "Wedding Tasting Room" into a nursery for my daughter. #WorkingMama That being said, you are more than welcome to order a cake that feeds 50 or less (which is totally viable to be picked up/transported by you... or your maid of honor!) and we can ALWAYS do cupcakes, cookies, or any other treat you would like for your "dessert table" at your wedding! Of course we can also ALWAYS do our specialty: custom themed grooms cakes (because we know he probably doesn't have say in anything else at his wedding!) Please give us a call and let us answer any further questions you have about wedding orders!