Hi there, welcome to my Sweet Treat Headquarters! I am Leah Loose: Fort Worth native, Trinity Valley grad, cake connoisseur, and lover of all things sweet, bright, unique and covered in sprinkles!  

I moved back to Texas in 2010 after I got my degree in Communication from St Mary’s College in Moraga, California and then my Patisserie and Baking certification from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, CA. I always knew I wanted (let’s be honest— HAD to) do something creative with my life. I got this crazy idea after watching too many hours of the Food Network during college that I wanted to open a cake studio. After I called my parents and broke the news (and like they always have been, my sweet parents were supportive as ever) there was no looking back! Leah’s Sweet Treats is now my dream come to reality, and I couldn’t be happier about the sweet little place I have created.

I love my job because I get to: Be creative, every day. Spread joy and make people smile. Always have a delicious moist cupcake ready to eat at any moment.  And most importantly, I get to be a part of people’s special moments in life.

I have always had a love for baking, creating artwork, sewing, crafting, painting, and making gifts for my family and friends. I truly feel that my unyielding enthusiasm of art and baking is the perfect recipe for success. With a respect for tradition and an eye for modernity and pop culture, I guarantee a distinctively different dessert for any and all occasions. I take pride in every single cake and cupcake that we make here, and view it as a reflection of myself as not only a pastry chef, but also as an artist. At Leah’s Sweet Treats we strive to give our clients exactly what they want on their special day, and also knock your socks off with how good it tastes! It doesn’t matter how great it looks on the outside- if it tastes crummy (or crumby) on the inside, that’s all people remember. All of my sweet treats are made from the finest ingredients, always fresh- never frozen, nothing from a bucket, and absolutely no oils or shortening ever!

Tristan is our head cake decorator at Leah's Sweet Treats. He is my "OG" and has been with me almost from the very beginning! He hails from Virginia originally, but currently makes the trek to FunkyTown from Dallas every day (and that's how we know he loves us) Tristan is the absolute fondant master of the world. He whips together the most adorable little characters, all while singing (in perfect pitch) to Beyonce. He’s got that patience and precision thing down to a science, and he creates nothing short of perfection every time! He’s a pleasure to be around and ALWAYS makes us laugh— you can’t buy that kind of perfect employee criteria. Most people assume that I make every single cake that walks out the door here- but trust me, there are certain cakes that you want Tristan’s hand in. I am a “go with the flow” kind of girl, and Tristan is a “perfectly perfect scrupulous pain staking time consuming pattern” kind of guy. We are the perfect combo of whimsy and meticulous! Without him, all your cakes would be covered in flowers and glitter and giant fondant bows ;)

Michelle is our baker babe with a edge! As much as she loves sugar skulls and scream-o music, she can instantly melt our hearts with her precious "girly" cakes and creations. She started out as an intern back in 2015, and has become our extremely talented second cake decorator and official Kitchen Manager. We L-O-V-E Michelle because she is the most ingenious gal in the world. Can't figure out how to do something? Ask Michelle! Need advice on a project? Ask Michelle! She may be small (No seriously, she's like really short) but she has BIG things in her future here at LST! She can decorate any cake, bake any item in our repertoire, and answer any questions we or you may have! 

Aaron is my hunky banker husband that helps me at the front desk on the weekends. Well let me rephrase that--- if it’s cold, or raining, or he’s injured, or its not TCU football season, he helps me on the weekends... Otherwise he’s out golfing... (can you blame him??) But when he is here, he’s amazingly helpful and great with my customers!! He can use that cash register and carry those heavy cakes out to your car like a true expert. But beware, if there is mint chip in the case— he will make you buy one (his favorite). He also helps me behind the scenes with all those numbers and “financial things” that go right over my right-brained head. He’s my incredibly supportive rock, and I pity him because I’m not sure he knew what he was getting into when he started dating a girl that owned a bakery. ;) He’s in it for the long haul now!!

My Grandma (or Gramcracker Rose as I like to call her) is my sweet, precious, loving grandma that comes in every Friday and helps us with our piles and piles of dishes. She is so supportive and amazing that it’s hard to justify putting her to work like we do... But I know she wouldn’t have it any other way!! She does any and everything she can to help me here and I’m so lucky to have a Grandma that is so willing and ready to help me— especially with the worst job in the joint: the dishes!!! She also is a master sweeper- and also entertaining as all get out when she tells us stories of yesteryear (especially ALL the ENDLESS stories about how I’m the favorite Grandchild... ...Just kidding!)

My Mom, Karen, (Or Karbear as I like to call her) does oh so much for me here!! She comes in every Saturday, without fail, (and lots of Friday afternoons too...!!) and helps me get organized, clean, mop, sprinkles cupcakes- anything and everything I need her help with— and all before we even open!! Talk about dedication: coming in on a Saturday morning at 6:30 AM... For free... Wowsas!! Whenever I have to go out of the town, she covers for me (and she has a full time job working with my Dad, people!) Whenever I call her in a panic she has a solution, whenever I run out of lemons or buttermilk, she drops some off for me. Whenever there is laundry spilling everywhere she takes it home and does it for me. I mean she’s the ULTIMATE Mom- you couldn’t ask for better or more!!! You will definitely see her up front on weekends. She helps me with customers and helps cover the front when I have Wedding tastings. Heck you might even think she’s my sister when you see her up there— we get it all the time! :) She also LOVES to run her own special deals on Saturday afternoons when we still have cupcakes left---- come in at 2PM on Saturday and find her there, you’re going to get yourself a deal!

My Dad (or JC as I like to call him, J Sizzle if he’s in a really good mood) the man who made this all possible...!! You will probably find him sitting on the cupcake chair up front (if he’s not in the back being my handy man- fixing any of my oven, or sink, or fridge related problems) and he’ll probably tell you how delicious, and moist, and wonderful the cupcakes are, and how you can’t go wrong. Granted he might be the tiniest bit biased, but he’s not just saying it because he’s my Dad- he truly believes it! He’s the most supportive person in my life, and let’s all give thanks to him for not laughing in my face or hanging up on him when I called him from California and told him I wanted to make cakes for a living! He has answered every single one of my frantic phone calls, and he’s the one who always tells me to keep on going when I feel like I’m drowning in buttercream and suffocating in sprinkles. Not to mention he keeps a steady supply of my business cards with him at all times, and pushes my business on to any and everyone he meets. Free PR?? I’ll take it!

Kelsey is the newest member of our team here at LST! Kelsey takes on the role of early morning baketress, waking up before the sun and rocking out in the kitchen while the rest of the world is snoozing. From cakes, to cookies, to brownies- you name it, she bakes it! Kelsey completed our grueling three month internship (all during the holiday rush of 2016!) and we were so excited to have her join our team. She goes by "Mac Master Kelsey" on the streets- because she's the Macaron Queen of the world (Well Fort Worth at least!)! Traditional french macarons may be one of the hardest things to master in the world of pastry, and NO JOKE, Kelsey had it down after week one! If you love our treats, Kelsey is the one to thank! She's the one puttin it ALL in the oven for you guys!

Our Buttercream Babes are those SWEET smiling faces you see when you walk in our doors! Sylvia, Holly, and Tyler are our front counter girls that can assist you with any and everything! They are ready to help you pick out treats in the shop, answer any questions you may have, and place any custom orders for cakes and more! Our BB's love to help, so come on in, give them a ring, or shoot over an email! 

Meyer is the newest and tiniest member of the LST fam! She is our unofficial official mastcot. You will see her strapped to mommy (Leah) or snoozing in her nursery, AKA our old "Wedding Tasting Room". We can't wait until she's old enough to be our official taste tester, but until then she adds a general "calmness" and cuteness factor to the kitchen when we are all stressin' and working on those Friday afternoon deadlines!!